September 2017 Net Worth Update (+$40,835)

Highlights for September

  • September was a fantastic month with a huge gain on paper, our net worth is up $40k. Feels good to see such growth, but it does remind me of one thing my grandfather would remind me of growing up about the stock market - "The higher it goes, the lower it falls".
  • We have booked a Disney vacation for the beginning of October, our expenses are up as we prepaid for some vacation expenses by buying discounted gift cards. I'll post more about our trip later.
  • In early September I threw my wife a surprise birthday party. It was a ton more prep work than I anticipated and it was more expensive than I originally planned, partially because I waited to the last minute for with a lot of the planning. I learned my lesson and doubt I will try that again ;-).
  • Otherwise September was a pretty quiet month for us. I didn't do any business travel in September which was a nice break and good for the wallet.

  • August 2017 Net Worth Update (+$3,767)

    Highlights for August

    • August was a pretty muted month for us in terms of net worth change. We still ended up slightly positive.

    • I have bumped up my short term bond allocation in my 401k. I can't find any investment that Im excited about so parking more dollars in closer to cash equivalents.
    • We track our real estate holdings based on their cost basis. I believe this is a conservative approach to measure net worth given the illiquidity of real estate in general. For example Zillow estimates our current real estate values are $220k+ higher than what we track them at here.
    • Im still waiting for agreement on the car accident claim from the other parties' insurance company for our accident at the end of June.
    • I wrapped up a 3-week business trip to China in the 1H of August. I expect this is the last business trip for me for at least the next couple months.

    July 2017 Net Worth Update (+$25,312)

    Highlights for July

    • Another great month in the books for 2017. If this was a typical net worth month for us we'd be financially free in < 2 years. Wishful thinking; we are in a marathon, but we'll take months like these when we can get them.

    • I've ramped up post-tax contributions to my 401k plan. I intend to try out a new conversion feature in my 401k plan that will let me convert these to Roth IRA contributions at some point soon.
      This would effectively allow me to contribute at much higher levels to my Roth IRA than the current $5,500 contribution limit.
    • We completed our 2 week+ family road trip to Canada, 2,987 miles. Major stops included: Lancaster, PA; Niagra Falls, Toronto, ON; Montreal, ON; Quebec City; Bar Harbor, Maine; and New York City. It was alot of fun with a ton of great memories. It would be great to spend more time and do it slower once we are financiall free! I also mentioned last month that we got into a minor car accident on day 3, we are finally in the process of filing the claim with the insurance.
    • I am in the middle of a 3-week business trip to China for the last part of July and into August.

    June 2017 Net Worth Update (+$26,879)

    Highlights for June

    • Finally a net worth jump to get excited about. I've been a little frustrated with Mint lately as some of my account values weren't getting updated. I finally spent some time in June to get those fixed (painfully) and believe that is a major contributor to our net worth pop.
    • I received a small annual performance bonus from my employer in June.
    • My employer 401k plan announced a new opportunity to convert post-tax 401k contributions into a Roth IRA. This appears compelling and Im going to test the waters a bit. If this
      option is as good as I think it is, it seems to allow me the ability to effectively contribute and additional ~$25k USD into a Roth IRA each year. I've started contributions to it in June to see how well this works.
    • At the end of June we started our 2 week family summer road trip to Canada! Already had a minor car accident (other persons fault), here is to hoping the rest of the trip is smooth :-).

    May 2017 Net Worth Update(+$12,231)

    Highlights for May

    • Another month, more gains in the stock market. It seems to just go up, up, up. That is when I get uncomfortable as a value investor, who knows what will happen.
    • I had another 2 week business trip in May. Our expenses tend to run slightly higher when I'm traveling.
    • We enjoyed a friend's wedding over Memorial Day.

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